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This Dad Deserves A Medal of Honor For Not Disowning His Daughter On The Spot After This Stunt

Well this is fucked up.  Why's this girl gotta be like that? There are literally 1000 other shirts she could have picked to wear as a walk of shame shirt into her father's home. But to wear a Packers' hoodie into a Bears fan's abode? Complete and total disrespect. This poor guy prolly didn't sleep for weeks on end and succumbed to hard core alcoholism after this stunt, and I don't blame him. That, and even if it is a joke, some jokes just don't land. This is a perfect example. It's really twisted. Brett Favre and that twink Aaron Rodgers have ruined this guy's life for about 30 years and counting. Now his own daughter is dancing on his grave too and she's using them as a vehicle to do so. 

It's actually sickening. Disownment is the only option here.