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There's No Denying The Fact That This Cat Is Absolutely Filthy Between The Pipes

I'm not a cat guy. Never have been, never will be. They're mischievous little bastards who are seemingly incapable of caring about anybody besides themselves. They're the humans of the animal world. So it's incredibly difficult for me to ever give a cat credit for any sort of skill or achievement. 

With that being said, this cat is fucking filthy between the pipes. One of the best keepers I've ever seen. The agility, the explosiveness, and most importantly the instinct. You could train your entire life but still fail to be half the keeper this cat is without that natural instinct. He could be asleep in the next room and still get across to the far post to deny a perfectly placed header. Just masterful work from this pussy. Perhaps the greatest pussy the world has ever seen. Surely the toughest to score on. 

All I know is that we need to see a PK matchup between this cat and Air Bud. Let's go with best of 3 rounds, with 7 shots per round. I'll still take Buddy in 2.