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Recommended: The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Live At Shepperton Studios 1978)

Pete Townshend, lead guitarist of the legendary rock n' roll group: The Who turns 75 today, and to celebrate, I'm recommending you check out this unbelievable performance of 'Won't Get Fooled Again' from Shepperton Studios in 1978!

It completely epitomizes rock n' roll in every way, shape, and form, it's one of the best looking concerts ever - and it actually wound up being drummer Keith Moon's final performance to a live crowd - making it historic in more ways than just one. 

As a bassist I think I'm also legally required to bring up how fucking unbelievable John Entwistle was. Truly as good as any rock n' roll bass player ever. Hopefully him and Keith and jammin somewhere up in the sky right now. 

If you're still hungry for more, then watch Townshend do it solo on an acoustic...


Shit's crazy! Happy Birthday Pete!