Joe Biden Has A New Nickname For Donald Trump, And Boy Is It Not Funny

President Tweety!

How ever will Donald Trump recover from this one???

Christ on the Cross are these guys fucking embarrassing. Put all your politics aside for one moment and be honest about the two different parties in our country. Forget about your beliefs, forget about each administration's agenda. Just be honest about their personalities and their sense of humor. The absolute fact of the matter is this:

Donald Trump is funny, and legit not a single person on the left is. 

Thats just an objective, unbiased observation. They are not funny people. And every time they try to be, they embarrass themselves tremendously. Ive taken shits that have more personality than every Democratic candidate they trot out there. My toddlers are wittier than these half dead white people. Its borderline impossible to have a worse sense of humor than the left. 

Which, unfortunately, matters in this era. Donald Trump broke the mold. He was the first President to embrace and exploit the power of internet and turned his campaign into one big clout oriented marketing campaign. Its a sham and hes a fraud and he would literally spit on the type of people who he's tricked into voting for him, but hes savvy to the modern world and knows how to play the game and has created this image that - as disingenuous as it is - works in today's politics. The memes, the headlines, the slogans, the hat, the quotes, the jokes, the nicknames, it all goes to create this quote unquote relatable and likable image. And that matters, I think. It doesnt matter as much as the racism that drove the election results. Its not as important as greed, which runs this world. But I think it mattered enough to help give them the White House. We had reached a point in history where the average American - as fat and dumb and as lazy as we all probably are - got fed up with lifelong politicians and DC robots, and Trump just simply presented himself as "Not That." His policies and politics really didnt matter, he just chose to expose his opponent for the terribly out of touch and lame people they are. People dont like what they cannot relate to on any level, at all, whatsoever. Hillary Clinton and her fucking hot sauce in her bag is not relatable. Elizabeth Warren trying to be funny on SNL is cringe worthy. And Trump came along and he cracked jokes, busted balls, and told stories to the point that a huge chunk of the country took notice. Personality matters, and unfortunately for the Left, they have none.

Cant some of the liberal Hollywood entertainers write material for these guys?? Like virtually every actor and writer and tv star leans left...cant these guys help em out?? There's gotta be people that can at least script a sense of humor for Joe Biden and company. Because President Tweety is not gonna cut it.

BUT, I actually like Nancy Pelosi's approach. Thats an idea that has some legs. She said "fuck it, I'm gonna go on TV with my plastic face and call him fat"

Honestly, that works. The KISS method - keep it simple, stupid. Just keep calling him fat. Call him Dumpy Donald. Call him Donald Plump. Call him the Pudgy President. Legit just call him Fat Boy. Spell it "Fat Boi" to sound in touch with todays slang. Just HAMMER the fat angle. Dont even need to make it into a big thing by making it seem like "Hey, I'm on camera, and I'm unveiling my new nickname for Trump!" the way Biden did. Just casually refer to him as Fat Boi in every debate, in every interview, in every sound byte. The Fat Boi. The Blimp. "Hey Fatty." The ENTIRE 2020 Democratic campaign should be "we cant have fat people in the White House, its embarrassing." I'm telling you right now, if Joe Biden sent a tweet saying "Donald Trump is fat. And you know my policy regarding fatties" with this video attached:

It would crush. People would love it. President Tweety isnt gonna accomplish a goddam thing. Calling him Fatty Boom Batty will. You gotta fight fire with fire and right now the only fire you got is calling this dude Dumptruck Donald.