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Your Grandma And/Or Uncle Shared This On Facebook

Facebook these days is nothing but "I try not to get political but..." posts and the lowest forms of memes about coronavirus or MJ being better than LeBron.

All of the above are very likely to have shown up on your timeline via your grandma who doesn't really understand how Facebook works or the uncle who makes your girlfriend feel verrrry uncomfortable at family get togethers. 

Both hold true for this post I stumbled upon last night:

Mix something topical (COVID) with a subtle sexual innuendo and you my friend have created Facebook magic. It will be greeted with responses like "L-O-L" or "needed the LAUGHS" or "LOL thanks for sharing ????????????"

But as much as I kid, Facebook posts like this are essential to the connectivity between the people in our lives and helping decide how much we want to try to see them, and when we do see them, what to talk and not talk about.