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The American Dream Dusty Rhodes Had A Jumper That Was Dripping Wet Like Your Mom When She Sees My Yellow Truck

Man oh man. I had no idea that Dusty Rhodes could pull up like Steph Curry and drain it right in your fucking face. He's like a regular Tree Rollins out there. The only thing I hate about this clip is that Dusty didnt give them a little bit of the American Wiggle after he nailed the shot. 

It takes a lot to happen in a video to not even mention the fact that Sting and Lex Luger were out there running screens off ball and lookin for the rebound that didnt exist and will never exist because Dusty Rhodes dont miss. Just facts and they are undisputed just like the former Heavy Weight Champion of the World. 

Anyway, here's the full game if you wanna watch that like a fucking sicko. 

PS. That headline. Man. That's a good one even by my standards.