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Happy Would Be Lottery Day, Knicks Fans!

There has been lotssssssssssss of talk about everyone missing sports these days to the point it has almost become a cliche during quarantine alongside eating like an asshole and being tired/depressed. The only person I've seen say he is very happy with the lack of sports is that L-7 weenie Norman Chad.

But I am sincerely thrilled that there are no sports tonight. Actually that's not even true because this has nothing to do with grown men or women engaging in athletic competition. I am pumped that there is currently not a collection of ping pong balls in hoppers that will decide this year's NBA Draft order and the fate of multiple teams later tonight (I do love saying the word "hoppers" though). 

I know that the lottery is one of the three biggest days of the year for Knicks fans along with draft night and July 1st when free agency kicks off. But all three of those days almost always results in some sort of heartbreak followed by the rest of the basketball world laughing at us before we start chanting Fire Dolan and say we are done supporting this bullshit before our dumb brains look toward whatever of those three days is on the calendar next and convince us we will find a savior there. Delaying having to look like this again after my heart was ripped out of my chest for an indefinite amount of time and putting those problems on Future Clem who will be able to handle things better than Quarantine Clem because he will have Daniel Jones in his life instead of a dwindling snack cabinet is one of the few good things that bitch coronavirus has wrought on my soul.

Now lets keep the good juju flowing by remembering a better time when the NBA commissioner would actually rig the lottery to help of one of his big market teams.

When your franchise locks up the rights to get its heart ripped out by Michael Jordan countless times.