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Doc Rivers Talking About His Time With Donald Sterling Was Fascinating

Let me begin by saying I will love Doc Rivers until my last breath. That's just how it works when you deliver the only title I've ever seen the Celtics win with my own eyes. Huge Doc Rivers guy. I was also pretty bummed when he dipped to go out to LA because the Celts were beginning a rebuild and he didn't want any part of that. Listen, by this time he's a championship level coach, I get it. Plus it led to Brad so who let's call it even. 

You would think that joining a Clippers team that had just won 56 games the year prior would be pretty sweet. Tons of talent on that team with guys you obviously remember like CP3, Blake, and DeAndre Jordan. But then you add a mix of JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Antawn Jamison, Darren Collison, Jared Dudley, Reggie Bulluck etc it's a roster that you could consider deep. In fact they won 57 games which is the most in franchise history! That's what makes everything Doc talks about so crazy. Everything came out in April 26th, two days after Game 3 against the Warriors in the first round. What an insane thing to have to deal with during a playoff run.

It was crazy to hear Doc say that within a few weeks of having the job he immediately regretted his decision. All because Donald Sterling was being a piece of shit about honoring JJ Redick's deal. I'll admit, I did a double take when I heard him say Donald Sterling doesn't like white players. Didn't exactly see that one coming. You have to love how Doc handled that situation. But little did he know that was only the beginning. 

When he got to the events of Donald Sterling's tape release, it was the first I've heard of this sort of behind the scenes story. Being told it was no big deal so he didn't eve give it any thought. Turns out it was very much a big deal. Couldn't have been a bigger deal, and just like that everyone's world is turned upside down. Not knowing what shirt to wear, having to face the locker room all while processing what exactly happened.  Holy shit did that speech deliver. 

They ended up losing in the next round in 6 to OKC, but both Game 5 and 6 were close. You might remember Game 5 

That was unfortunate. They then lost Game 6 at home by 6, Durant had 39/16/5.

Fast forward to now and the Clippers are arguably the title favorite if basketball ever does come back. The best part is if they pull it off it'll be for Steve Ballmer who will bring a level of electricity I think we all want to see.