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DeAndre Williams' Mentor Said He Picked Memphis Over UK Because UK 'Didn't Play By The Rules' And 'Think They Can Show Up Late To The Dance And Steal Your Girl'

[Source] - “They’re Kentucky, they think they can show up [late] to the dance and steal your girl. I guess they had another thing coming when it came to [recruiting against] Coach Hardaway. Coach Hardaway won’t [allow] no one stealing his girl. 

“I look at it this way with Kentucky. Kentucky showed up a week later. We gave everybody the ground rules of how to play ball,” Roy said. “Kentucky, they started doing their own thing, dealing with DeAndre directly, not coming through me. … That played an important part, as well, because they didn’t play by the rules correctly. They thought they could go directly to DeAndre, they thought they could go directly to mom.”

Despite laying the “ground rules,” Roy spoke with Kentucky directly just one time.

“They only talked to me one time during the whole process. If I’m a part of the process, why do you think you can eliminate me and get the prize? That’s not going to happen like that. Why are you not talking to me? I’m a part of the situation. 

Let me make two things very clear, DeAndre Williams is a very good player. That's a fact. I'm also thrilled Kentucky didn't land DeAndre Williams. Why? This shit right here. Oh your mentor is demanding he controls everything? How many times have we seen this sort of story where the mentor ends up not making the best decision for the kid because they are receiving benefits or guarantees. 

That last quote is one of the biggest red flags that I've ever seen. The 'prize' is a player. That's who coaches should be talking to. Sure, you can be there. You can request that you are part of the meetings. But to say a college coach can't talk to the kid is downright terrible. 

And yeah buddy, Kentucky can show up late to the dance and steal your girl. It's Kentucky. That's what Kentucky does. Remember this quote? 


Calipari and Kentucky has college basketball by the balls. People can't stop talking about Kentucky whether they love him or hate him. That's why Cal can show up late to the dance and try to steal your girl. 

Let's be honest here though. 'Not playing by the rules' and going to Memphis. That's just perfect. You know who does steal Penny's girl. The NCAA. Remember James Wiseman? NCAA stole that. Now Memphis needs the NCAA to give DeAndre Williams a waiver to be eligible this season. 

Maybe Memphis will actually get off the bubble this year. In the mean time, I'll be enjoying showing up late to the dance, a place Kentucky is every year.