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Stop the Presses! Michael Thomas is Arguing Online

Stop me if you've heard this one before. I, too, was shocked to see Michael Thomas upset online. This all started, as most beef between NFL players do, in the comments of the NFL on FOX Instagram page. No, really.


Which is tougher: Make a catch while guarded by Stephon Gilmore or break up a pass while guarding Michael Thomas. A seemingly innocent enough question to spark a little engagement on the internet around the reigning Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year. Devante Parker decided to weigh in with the thing he's actually done, i.e. 8 catches for 137 yards on Gilmore. Michael Thomas did not like this. 

Thomas is the superior receiver, and that's no knock to Parker. Thomas will also let you know he's the superior receiver. Repeatedly. He mentions lapping Parker and it taking Devante over six years to have a good game. He did not mention the fact that he was drafted to a team with Sean Payton, Drew Brees, a 1k yard rusher (Ingram), and 1k yard receiver (Cooks). Parker was drafted to a team with Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill. That's not Thomas' fault but it's not Parkers either. Thus it feels weird to bring up to a guy that has DONE THE THING HE VOTED ON.

I could see Thomas being upset if the alternative option was like the sixth string CB for the Bengals. It wasn't. It was the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. I could even see Thomas being upset if a DB chimed in that it was easier to catch a pass on Gilmore because he wouldn't know that. It's out of his jurisdiction. 

But foolishly, Parker went with the option he was familiar with. Dummy. Thomas is a great receiver but goddamn will he let you know about it and remind you of it, lest you accidentally think it's harder to do anything than break up a pass on a six-yard slant. Now, I need the NFL on FOX Instagram page to post questions like these daily. Option A should always change but option B should always involve Michael Thomas. That way Michael Thomas can tag himself in to tell you about Michael Thomas. Sports>>>