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"He Was Just A Victim That Night" - Allen Iverson, The Only Man To Ever Outscore Michael Jordan On Average

It wasn't necessarily some shocking revelation because we all knew that Michael Jordan was a killer before the docu-series came out, but The Last Dance focused pretty heavily on the fact that Michael Jordan would take even the smallest slight against him and turn it into motivation to rip the heart and soul out of his opponent. It could be Karl Malone for winning an MVP. It could be Reggie Miller for legitimately trying to shit talk the GOAT. It could be LaBradford Smith for just having a really good game one time and not actually saying anything to Mike. The fact of the matter is that Michael Jordan didn't want to just beat whoever he was up against, but he wanted to destroy them. 

Which is why I can't believe that Allen Iverson didn't even get a 30 second mention in The Last Dance. Granted, the Sixers didn't really have much to do with the Bulls dynasty besides a couple of playoff losses during the first 3peat. But still. For as much as Michael Jordan hated anybody having a night against him, it just seemed odd to leave this one out of the mix. But maybe...juuuuust maybe...that's because for the only time in his career, Michael Jordan was truly a victim that night. 


And for the only time in his career, Michael Jordan wasn't able to come back out on top of a matchup. 

Michael Jordan owned 982 out of 983 guys he went up 1v1 against. The only guy who ever gets to say he was better than Michael Jordan is Allen Iverson. A guy who didn't even want to practice ever. A guy who said he doesn't lift simply because that shit's too heavy. Crossed him up, got more buckets, and then would just go crush some Applebee's for the rest of the night. Legend.