A "Masks On, Clothes Off" Party Was The Perfect Way For This Wyoming Strip Club To Reopen

Pioneers! There is nothing else we can do then call these women pioneers in such a dire time in this Country! How's everything going to open back up is of course on everyone's mind. How are we ever gonna go to sporting events again? How are we ever gonna go to a bar again? How are we ever gonna go to a casino again? And then there's the strip club guys out there, much like myself, that are wondering how we are ever gonna go to a strip club again? Well, thanks to the Den Strip Club in Cheyenne, Wyoming we have ourselves an answer! 

And that very answer is a "mask on, clothes off" party which if we're being honest is an AWESOME name. Kinda has the same ring to it as one of those themed parties from back in the day. Anything But Clothes. Toga. Seven Deadly Sins. Mask On, Clothes off. It fits right in! 

Not to mention I don't think those masks look bad at all judging from that thumbnail? Granted the girl on the left has a typical white hospital mask, but she's balancing out the boringness with a sweet versace one-piece. Next up is our friend in the middle sporting a beautiful silver mask that fits right into the vibe, and finally the girl on the right's bandana looks by far the best. Throws some sort of a Red Dead Redemption strip club vibe my way in the best way possible.

My only complaint with the article was that the process could've been explained a little bit more. A boots-on-the-ground reporter may have been useful.

As part of the reopening, all of the strippers sported face coverings to dance and there was ample hand sanitizer available, the report said.

But cash was exchanged, which could allow for germs to spread, and dancers were touching patrons, the outlet reported.

Does "touching patrons" mean simply a hand on a shoulder or are we talking full-blown lap dances going down back at the Den? I'm genuinely interested. Ya know...for science.