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The Knicks Are Reportedly Close To Hiring Jazz VP of Player Personnel Walt Perrin As Assistant GM. Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Lets recap the last 24 hours or so for Utah Jazz fans:

1. Relive getting their guts ripped out by Michael Jordan in two separate NBA Finals

2. Lose Bojan Bogdanovic and his 20 points per game for the season due to wrist surgery

3. Lose Walt Perrin to the Knicks

4. Lose Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks (probably*)


If you're a Knicks fan and saw this tweet come across your timeline without immediately trying to connect every single dot from Salt Lake City to New York in order to get Donovan Mitchell in orange and blue, congratulations for being a better person than I or at least have a basketball soul that has no tapped out yet. Truth be told I am going to spinzone every person the Knicks hire to fill out their front office under Leon Rose with every potential free agent or disgruntled NBA star for at least the rest of quarantine, if not the rest of my life. But the Knicks hiring one of the guys that helped land Mitchell in Utah a month after it came out Mitchell's relationship with Rudy Gobert isn't salvageable has me dreaming those stupid Knicks fan dreams again. Time to play the hits yet again!

As for Perrin, he is clearly not only a grinder like Phil Jackson the player but the opposite of Phil Jackson the President of Basketball Operations.

But he also comes in highly regarded by the media, with tweets like this getting me excited about potentially once day living in a world where I may not have to try to figure out a way every single star player will come to the Knicks before ultimately being let down in July or at least re-sign a player we drafted to a second contract for the first time since Charlie fucking Ward.

Suddenly I have more faith in those seven first round picks over the next several years actually panning out than I did before this news dropped. Here's to Walt Perrin finding the next Rudy Gobert (except with #RE2PECT for covid-19) to pair alongside the current Donovan Mitchell!

**Probably not. Whatever. I just need to believe in something right now