Reds Top Prospect Hunter Greene Throwing a Baseball Through a Self-Driving Tesla Is Mesmerizing

Pretty cool. Not the craziest thing I've ever seen by any means, but I'm entertained. Honestly I feel like the catch is more impressive here right? All the pressure is on the man receiving the ball. The guy throwing is going to get all the credit, but you are set up as the scape goat if you drop the ball. Shout out Danny Duncan for locating the ball outta that angle and making the play. If Marty Mush actually wants to call himself the trick shot king he's got to match Greene here with Dana on the receiving end. I have minimal to zero faith in them succeeding before breaking a window/crashing the car. 

Couple things though. Where does the Tesla go? There's just a self-driving car motoring on down the streets while you guys celebrate the trick shot. I frankly do not know how self-driving cars work, but that seems like an issue at hand. 


Also the cheering squad of tow truck guys in the background make the video. Gotta have your hype men with you at all times. Assuming they weren't ran over by the Tesla, I enjoyed their addition in the video. 

Hunter Greene is a monster two way prospect who is coming back from TJ surgery. The second overall pick in the 2017 draft topped out at 103 before the injury. Looks like that elbow is feeling pretty good these days. That delivery is so smooth and easy goddamn. This video below might be more mesmerizing than the trick shot.