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This Is The Correct Way To Eat Cereal And Mickstape Knows Nothing About Cereal

I am blogging like a dog today credit to me even though I refuse to double check my work and people get upset with my english. Today was a normal day of just thinking about how it is amazing you can look at one thing and BOOM, you now what that will taste like. Then After I had my morning thoughts I just say down to enjoy my breakfast and then it hit me. Let me show the world how easy and clean it can be to eat cereal. I don't like when my cereal gets saggy and yes its saggy. When you leave something in milk or water too long it sags down so yes the cereal gets saggy. It is the same exact thing as having it in the bowl but I don't have to hear you slurp the milk like a disgusting shlep. Regardless my friends over at Mickstape are trying to put me in jail for just trying to make this world a better place. All I ask is try it this way and report back. You get the full taste and wiggle in with some milk. It is the perfect bit of combo. At least I do not heat up my cereal like Hubbs. Now that deserves jail time.