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A Third of All Young Chinese Women Have Never Orgasmed. It's a Problem with only One Solution

Have you ever slipped into a casual conversation about a topic you thought had no real room for debate only to find out that person has an entirely different conception of the said topic? 

Like we all agree that eating food is for nourishment and pleasure right? 

Imagine if you were talking about restaurants and your favorite dish with your friend and the person flatly responds that they "don't eat food for taste." They actually just buy a month's worth of powder called Soylent Greens and mix it with water, that they don't eat real food, and prefer to get their entire day's worth of food in supplement form if they could. 

Excuse me? 

If eating food wasn't supposed to be enjoyable, then why is fruit sweet, why does steak taste so amazing; simply, why the fuck did biology give us taste buds? 

To think that someone had been eating their entire life and never enjoyed the benefits of a tasty meal? What if they didn't even know what "taste" was? 

I don't think my brain could really compute that revelation. 

That was the feeling I got this morning when I read this synopsis of a recent Chinese National Survey in Sixth Tone. This study surveyed 54,580 students (undergrad, masters, and doctorate) from 1,764 universities nationwide about their sex lives. 

In this report, some findings were universally true (I think), some were mildly surprising and some damn near put me in a state of empathetic depression. 

Of course, it makes sense that more women would be sexually dissatisfied in their romantic relationships than men. Our bodies are quite complex and figuring out what makes us happy can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you're a mildly inexperienced college-aged man, who no doubt is thinking mostly about himself. 

It wasn't super surprising that there would be a good chunk of young women (probably not CHD listeners) that find one night stands unacceptable given the global social stigma that persists around this topic. 


It did sort of surprise me that while a good chunk of young women were unsatisfied, that over half of women had never taken matters into their own hands... (no pun intended) The data says that 56% of women have NEVER masturbated in their lives compared with only 13% of men. 

But the masturbation revelation became much LESS surprising once I read this fucking doozy of a stat. Of those surveyed, one-third of women have never experienced an orgasm or don’t know what one was.

Let me repeat, over 30% of women have never experienced the most sought after part of the sexual journey. The climax. The release. The endorphins that coarse through your veins leading to a substantial increase in mood, deeper and more positive feelings about the other person that leads to a meaningful bond. 

I'm not one to judge other cultures. But if more than 30% of your young women don't even know what an orgasm is... this is a gigantic problem.

China's population is 1.4 BILLION, which means if 1/3 of he population is under 35, that means there's upwards of 100 million women who don't know what an orgasm is. 

I've got an idea. Dave recently declared that he's a communist, and just today has made over $600k on Ali Baba.

If Davey Day Trader really wants to corner the Chinese market, he should work out a deal with Barstool sponsor Adam & Eve and corner the market on vibrators in China (we can give Kate a free one since hers is still out of batteries). Since nearly all of these inexpensive vibes are already made in China, it just makes too much sense. Not only would he be doing a generation of young Chinese women a life-changing service, he might actually be able to buy that sports team he's always wanted.

To the moon, one orgasm at a time.