What's The Coolest Thing You Can Buy? How About a Billion Dollar Yacht That Has a Missile Defense System With a Submarine Attached?

There's rich, there's fuck you rich, there's own a team rich, and then there's own a billion dollar yacht that has a missile defense system rich. That last one would be Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. He's worth just a shade under $12 billion and he knows how to spend his money. Here are the details on this yacht which might as well be a cruise ship.

The Sun

It cost just shy of £300million when he ordered it in 2010 – and at the time it was the biggest private yacht in the world. But by the time the Russian billionaire finally got the keys, the luxury extras and security measures had trebled costs to close to £1billion. It is probably the most extravagant boy’s toy ever imagined, with upgrades and maintenance taking the cost to somewhere close to £400million.

-533 feet long. Almost two fucking football fields long...

-The fuel tanks are said to be able to hold a million liters, meaning it can travel 6,000 miles before it needs topping up.


-Eclipse boasts nine decks, the top one containing two helipads and a garage. TWO helipads. 

-Each cabin in the yacht reportedly comes with a private 6ft home cinema screen, a Jacuzzi, spa and specialized security systems.

And to the best part.... the protective measures installed. 

The glass is armour-plated to repel bullets and the vessel is protected by an anti-ballistic missile defense system installed by German experts AST.

MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM. That is so fucking cool. You launch a missile at this thing and it pisses on it. No one on board even knows what happened. There's 9 decks on this bad boy. These people don't have time for your missile tomfoolery. 

You may wonder what the difference of having three billion dollars as opposed to twelve means. Well it means you can buy one of these and not blink. $40 million a year in just maintenance fees. What a flex. You see this monster cruising down the coast line and heading into your harbor you better be ready. It's worth more than the GDP of 12 countries!

Oh and just in case bullet proof glass and a missile defense system isn't good enough for your safety there's a goddamn 3 person submarine at the bottom. A SUBMARINE!!!! 

I'm blown away. Dude owns a big time soccer club and this super yacht might be cooler. What a life. He's also donated more money to charity than any Russia ever. Listen it's possible he could be corrupt and a bad dude since he's a ultra powerful Russian billionaire, but I'm just focussing on the yacht because it has a built in missile defense system. Remember Jerry Jones yacht from the NFL Draft? That was a cute little 357-foot, $250 million toy. He could probably attach it to the back of Roman's like a tug boat if he asks nicely.

Don't you dare let anyone ever tell you that money can't buy you happiness.