Sign This Petition to Send Marty Mush to Hell

This video ruined my mood and any chance I had at a productive Monday so thanks a lot, Martin.

This is chaos, even for Mush. And this is a man that swears he has never burped in his life. So much wrong in this video:

  1. You're adding unnecessary steps and more importantly, dishes. Eat the cereal with a bowl and spoon OR drink it from a cup. Not both.
  2. I've never understood people that say they can't do soggy cereal. How long do you let the damn bowl sit? Is it marinating overnight in the fridge? Are you eating one individual Flake or Charm at a time? Is this some kind of fast-acting milk you have there? You sit down and scarf down the cereal in a matter of seconds. Like a Man™.
  3. Chase my cereal? Buddy the only thing I chase is my ex.
  4. Mush also says "saggy" instead of "soggy" and it upsets me greatly.
  5. The cereal bowl Mush was eating from was absolutely dog food and I won't be convinced otherwise.

Do your part by signing here and share with a friend. We can have Marty at Hells Gates by suppertime if we act fast. Thank you for your time.