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20 Movies You Should Stream This Week According To Kenjac

1. Bloodsport

A classic JCVD banger. Damn you, Chong Li! 

2. Moon 

I've recommended this movie a few times because I really do think this movie deserves more eyes. It's easily one of the best space-setting movies I've ever seen. 

3. Shot Caller 

Another hidden gem, this movie will definitely take you by surprise. Jaime Lannister and the Punisher in a prison drama? What's not to like? 

4. The Fundamentals of Caring 

I'm not really sure why this movie flew under the radar, but it's great. Rudd is fantastic, and Craig Roberts is extremely funny. The movie has a ton of heart which I will always be a big fan of.

5. Locke 

I understand why this movie isn't for everyone, but I'm a big fan. Hardy acts his balls off and you really can't look away. 

1. Joker

Hey man, it's the joker. Not sure if I need to sell it. 

2. American Animals

Do you like crime movies? Fan of Evan Peters? You will like this. 

 3. Fight Club 

Sorry, can't say anything about this one.

4. Signs 

I still remember watching this as a kid and being scared shitless by this scene. SWING AWAY!

5. Valkyrie 

Watch it just to see Cruise's juicy ass.

1. Spider-Man

The balls on Raimi for putting Joe Manganiello in a polo and telling us he was 17. 

2. Romancing the Stone

I'm not sure how many top rom-com lists this is on, but it's one of my favorite 

 3. Killer Joe

I love Matty McC in these weirdo indie roles. I'm not a Emile Hirsch guy, but he is pretty good in this as well. 

4. Vice 

I didn't like this as much as I had hoped, but it's always fun watching Christian Bale get totally lost in a role. 

5. The Green Mile

Major RIP to Michael Clarke Duncan. 

1. Macbeth 

I know you look at the title and go "Fuck That", but it's a very solid movie. It's digestible for non-Shakespeare guys like myself. Also a great Fass Man role. 

2. Capote 

The cinema world is much worse off without Philip Seymour Hoffman in it. What a god damn performance. 

3. Lady bird 

The only movie Trillballins has given a 100 other than Parasite since we started LCB! If that doesn't tickle your fancy, I don't know what will. 

4. The Magnificent Seven

Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson might be one of the coolest trios to ever hit a movie. Both this movie and it source material, the immortal 'Seven Samurai' are must watch old movies tin my opinion. 

5. Eighth Grade

Probably the most accurate and up to date coming-of-age movie in recent memory, it's well worth watching. It's awkward, funny and weird in only a way Bo Burnham could have directed.