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The Internet's Best Flu Game Stories Of Their Own

We've all had our own "flu game" and I talked about mine on Monday morning. 

Twitter came through with their's. 

Thought the coffee would be a game changer. Been there before.

When you're at the stage of "just kill me" you know two things: the night before was awesome, and now the next day is going to be hell on earth. 

That's just brutal by grandma to take the decorations down on New Year's Day. Either do it the day after Christmas when no one is doing shit or keep putting it off day after day until close Super Bowl Sunday. Veteran move though using the bathroom as an excuse to get a break. The cold bathroom floor had to feel like heaven. 

"I could smell the alcohol on you from several feet away"

Holy shit talk about never forgetting your wedding night. What a champ. Wedding day and night for majority of people is probably the closest we'll get to feeling as important as someone who is in the NBA Finals - especially the bride so bravo to her. Hopefully they got to celebrate again post surgery. 

Halloween in college is equivalent to winning the NBA Finals so if it's your birthday then you might as well be Dennis Rodman. Freshmen year, too? Been looking forward to that since you were 9. The face paint still on takes the chef's kiss

First time doing Black Wednesday trumps the holiday's for you that year. It's a big night. Props to Jeff for walking into Black Wednesday knowing what awaited him the next morning. Didn't say what his PR is, but all that matter is it's a PR so congrats. 

Dating the same teacher's daughter is a big W. Sounds like the plot of a mid 2000's romcom. 

I mean the morning after St. Paddy's Day ya know? Coaches love those practices. Day after St. Paddy's Day, New Year's Day, day after Thanksgiving. Just love to flex that muscle on you but you give them the finger back when you go out AND you can handle practice the next day. Way to go, Tom. 

Actually not a bad place to have to puke. Could blame it on nerves, being too hydrated, or maybe trying to drop a few pounds to make yourself lighter for the race. Either way, marathons are filled with people puking, pissing themselves, snot rockets, and a bunch of other shit we'll never be able to do again because of coronavirus, but this is good. Puke at the start to set an expectation and get it over with. 

The driving is giving me the spins just sitting here. Woof. And a restaurant shift? I can feel the overheating right now plus all of those fucking dishes just WILL NOT STOP. So much noise. You either put on your best performance or people could just tell you were miserably hungover. Either way, well done. 

Once again sounds like the start of a Michael J. Fox movie. Hey don't test adrenaline. Seems like that's what got you across the finish line and earned you that 93. 

Trent puts a perfect bow on this one.