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Monster Hope Only Club: Scientists In Canada Say That Certain Strains Of Weed Could Potentially Prevent The Coronavirus

The Source- According to a study being conducted at Canada’s University of Lethbridge, scientists are now theorizing that certain marijuana strains could possibly prevent COVID-19 infection. Researchers at the Calgary college have studied over 400 strains of weed and have concluded that at least a dozen strains aided in preventing the Coronavirus from finding a host in the mouth, intestines, and lungs.

The study’s head researcher Dr. Igor Kovalchuk said, “A number of them have reduced the number of these (virus) receptors by 73 percent, the chance of it getting in is much lower. If they can reduce the number of receptors, there’s much less chance of getting infected.” Researchers were able to identify 13 CBD extracts that are able to change ACE2 levels, an enzyme previously linked to COVID-19 infection. The data also suggested that some strains were also able to control serine protease TMPRSS2, which is another protein necessary for COVID-19 to enter host cells and spread throughout the body.

I know that some of the elites in the lamestream media will stick their nose up at a report published in The Source about what a Canadian scientist named Igor has to say about curing coronavirus. But I'm all in on not only trying to figure out how to not only cure covid-19 but having fun while doing it since social distancing and living in lockdown to #stopthespread has been such a drag.

There are definitely plenty of scientists out there trying to figure out different cures for the bug that involves painful cures like shoving sticks direct into our brains, eating healthy, or cutting out anything that makes you feel remotely happy since that always seems to be the cure. But why can't weed be the answer? If corona came from the Earth to take over our lungs wouldn't it make sense that its cure came from the same place and wiped out the virus out by taking a big boy doink and coughing that Rona bitch out? That's just simple science speaking there. If you are saying the virus was genetically altered by man, that's even better since man has been working overtime making medical grade shit for years now. There should be scientists trying to figure out how we can cure this plague any way possible, not just the painful ways. Give me a study for how eating candy, jerking off, or watching Barry Sanders highlights can kill coronavirus. Because until the scientists in these reports actually give us a cure, they are giving us the next most important thing during these trying times:


P.S. Every scientist that is working on the coronavirus cure should be forced to listen to the song from the Portals scene from Endgame on loop for inspiration. If you can't figure out how to kill one little virus as the moment humanity rose from its darkest moment plays, you should be forced to turn in your scientist badge or degree or whatever scientists have to show they are scientists.