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Amber Rose Cares Not For Your Sign That Says This Isn't A Topless Beach

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.43.58 AM



Here’s the non-edited borderline NSFW picture.  And here’s another borderline NSFW one with a nice view of her behind.  Was gonna put them in the blog but I didn’t want to get tracked down and yelled at by the Devnest.



Amber Rose!  I gotta tell ya, the short hair doesn’t bother me one bit.  That seems to be one of the trip ups when people are discussing Amber Rose.  I’m the opposite.  I dig it.  I’ll fuck with a girl with short hair.  No problem.  Especially if she has a body like Amber does.  TBH if I ever got a shot with her (I won’t but let’s hop on the Hypothetical Train to Nochanceville) I wouldn’t know what to do.  Not to mention my midwest Irish dick is doing zero damage.  I’m intimated when I see pictures of her.  Hard to imagine what it’d be like if we started to go a few rounds.  I’d be knocked out in the first five seconds of the 1st round.  That much I know.  Oh well.  I appreciate her willingness to take Instagram pictures like this though.  What does she do for a living, you ask?  I’m pretty sure all she does is sleep with athletes and rappers.  Not a bad gig if you can get it.




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