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Conspiracy Theorist Eddie Bravo Had A Truly Unreal Performance On Joe Rogan This Weekend

The 3 fights put on by UFC last week were a blessing. Finally, a high-profile sport in this great country to watch and bet on. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Saturday's card wasn't loaded like UFC 249 was, but it was elevated thanks to the JRE Fight Companion. When these four get together? It's always great content. 

I'm a big Rogan guy. I enjoy Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen, but I absolutely love Eddie Bravo. I may be the biggest Eddie Bravo guy on planet earth. The content he brought to the table on Saturday night was truly outrageous. Nothing makes me laugh more than Rogan & Callen trying to talk about the fights and Eddie is in the background yelling about his latest conspiracy. 

His main point? There's team lockdown and there's team freedom. 

"We are in the New World Order right now"

My favorite part was when he threw out a theory that Elon Musk is controlled opposition. 

"I hope this is not true. I hope this is not true. I hope he's legit."

"I sat next to a couple on the plane….they had their mask on the whole goddamn time. I didn't. I'm not wearing no goddamn diaper if it's not mandatory."

I'm not here to discuss the legitimacy of any of his theories. You can do your own research. However, to anyone who doesn't like Bravo, I'd suggest just taking him as he is. He's an entertainer. He's a comedian. He owns a chain of jiu-jitsu gyms. He's not somebody in the government influencing decisions or whatnot. I mean look at one of his IG captions from over the weekend.

"My goal is 200k non-sheep followers." How can you not laugh at that? 

Eddie ended the fight companion by discussing Bill Gates: