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Hilarious Senator Ben Sasse Slammed For The “Worst High School Commencement Speech of All Time”

People are saying this speech is bad. I don’t get it. Dude slayed up there. You ever tried to tell jokes on the radio or to an audience that isn’t reacting in real time? It’s impossible. You can’t feel the room when you’re not in the room at all.

I would have thought the parents and teachers would be filling their homes with butt gas from laughing so hard at this Leno-worthy monologue.That’s what ole Sassy Sasse thought too. “The Coronavirus. Have you heard about this? Have you seen stuff about this?” Classic. 

“This line about the rope at gym class? That’ll play. It’s like a 3 wood 240 and just in front of the bunker on the green side. What I mean by that is that it’ll play. Good shot.”

Also, sweat pants. Fuckin classic. Keep your head up, Ben. It’s a high school commencement address. No one should give a fuck about it and they won’t unless you make yourself look like a total doofus. Underrated word. Doofus.