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Dan Bernstein Tweets About CSN Anchor Aiyana Cristal Last Night Saying "I Have No Rooting Interest In Her, But Enjoy Her Giant Boobs", Whoops


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Well, looks like Bernstein is going to have himself quite an interesting day. Couple of things to note on this exchange. I almost think this was Bernstein trying to text Spiegs (who by the way has taken the high road and apologized for being part of the convo) instead of tweet. Just so weird and out of left field to tweet out loud about a CSN colleague and say “Oh yeah, I don’t listen to what she’s saying, I’m just looking at her giant tits”. Even if you have that thought in your brain and I’m sure many people do, that’s one you keep in your brain, tucked far away. Tweeting it out is just so stupid.


The second point and where this goes from regular tweet that Bernstein can simply apologize for is the fact that this makes him a pretty big hypocrite. Dan Bernstein has made a living taking down meatballs and stupid people. He is very very good at what he does and gets tremendous ratings for The Score but that is in large part due to his shtick, and that schtick is to be the “smartest guy in the room”, the guy who combats sexism and antiquated thinkers. You can’t play it both ways. You can’t be the super serious guy who acts morally righteous and then be the guy who is tweeting about boobs and objectifying women the next. It doesn’t work that way. I can’t take the moral high ground on basically any issue because of some of the things we blog here, I understand that and is why I’m not going to say I’m disgusted with Bernstein or want him fired (I don’t regardless). That would be throwing stones from a glass house, just like Bernstein tweeting about an anchor’s boobs goes against basically everything he says he stands for. And when you make a living playing holier than thou you better not trip up, and this is tripping up in a big way for him. The world is waiting to take down the people who sit in Ivory Towers all day, and up until yesterday, that was Dan Bernstein.





Also, anyone who says Bernstein is getting fired doesn’t understand Chicago Radio. The guy does monster ratings. He’ll apologize, pretend to be sincere, maybe get suspended for a week and move on. That’s part of why he probably doesn’t truly care, he’s as close to untouchable as one can get in Chicago Sports radio.