Start Your Week Off Right By Watching The Birth Of The nWo

Had to blog the moment the nWo started and changed the wrestling world forever with the Rodzilla footage during last night's episode of The Last Dance. Seeing Hulk Hogan finally go heel and leg drop Randy Savage to hell as the mystery third man while telling the fans to "stick it, brother" was such a humongous moment, it turned WCW from the ugly stepsister wrestling federation for the poors to a fucking wagon that took over the biz, forced WWF to change their entire strategy which resulted in the Attitude Era, and ushered in the Golden Age of wrestling that we lived through in the late 90s and early 2000s. You know how big a wrestling moment is based on the fan reaction and I would say a metric ton of trash being thrown into the ring by angry fans getting their Philly on was the perfect way to measure this moment. The nWo obviously grew comically oversized with washed WWF talent, even with the WolfPac splitting off, and in a weird way allowed the WWE to get back into the ratings war. But at their peak, the nWo was a movement that had never been seen before or since.


Also, no nWo blog would be complete without the OG theme song. I don't know how they made that sound but goddamn was it addicting.

Fuck it, we are throwing the WolfPac theme too because that was a legit banger in its own right.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to rewatch a whole bunch of classic nWo moments, which is probably not the right way to start off my week but I don't give a fuck because I'm about that nWo bad boy life.