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Tough Weekend for Congress: NV Rep's Affair Exposed on Podcast & NE Sen. Gives Worst Grad Speech Ever

Over the weekend, U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford (D), who represents Nevada's 4th district, admitted to having a decade long affair with then intern and now podcast host, Gabriela Linder.  Linder was 21 and working for state Senator Harry Reid at the time the affair began back in 2009 and Horsford was just beginning his tenure as Majority Leader.  Horsford is married with 3 children and now serves in the U.S. House of Representatives after serving his state for nearly 10 years.  

Linder, AKA 'Love Jones', created the podcast that released its' first episode in April, which is reportedly when contact between the two ended.  The Podcast is part of an exposé series entitled "Mistress for Congress" that attempted to discreetly tell the story of the affair using highly skilled techniques like changing the Congressman's name to 'Bob' for confidentiality purposes.  It wasn't long before listeners began questioning if 'Bob' was in fact Horsford and Linder, saying fuck it to the whole confidentiality thing, quickly confirmed.  

She has since said that Horsford and his office provided her financial assistance during their relationship, as well as, offered to utilize his political connections for her when needed.  Horsford's office denied this and has yet to further comment on the situation.  Horsford's political pages read that he is a devoted family man and man of god to which Linder says he ran for office on these false pretenses and should "step back."  

Linder claims her podcast is part of "an empowering journey" along with the book she plans to write.  She also claims that she is not being compensated for the podcast or for writing the book by anyone, including Horsford's opposition, but she does believe Rep. Horsford should take a step back from his position in Congress and not run again.  Opponents of the Congressman are also calling for an investigation and his resignation, but a representative for Horsford says he does not plan to do so.  


On the other side of the political aisle, things aren't going so great either.  Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (R), gave a virtual commencement speech to graduating seniors over the weekend and instead of praising them for all their hard work or wishing them well on their future endeavors, Sasse praised graduates for getting out of bed and putting on something more than just sweatpants and thanked parents, teachers, and faculty, who he said now have little to no distinction, "thanks a lot China".  After a few more shitty jokes, Sasse, extremely misjudging the room, got serious, and began preaching to a bunch of 17-year-olds about boosting our pressure on China to be more forthcoming.  

Tough weekend for the United States Congress...

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