You Will Be Shocked At How Similar John Stockton And Giannis Really Are

Hopefully you watched the 90s Reunion of Inside The NBA yesterday because it was just as fantastic as it sounds. I'm with Coley in what he said yesterday, why was this ever taken off the air? Maybe the most influential show of my childhood, there's no reason this thing shouldn't come back full time, at least during quarantine. Seeing all those 90s legends was incredible, and it would be just as awesome with today's players in my opinion. My guess is we see more of this because once the internet joins forces and decides something is awesome, we usually get more of it.

But of all the great moments from yesterday, this one is my favorite. You might think John Stockton was joking when he said Giannis reminds him of himself, but let's go to the tape.



Admit it, Stockton has a point here. It makes total sense that a guy who looks like he could be your high school math teacher looks a whole lot like a guy who is basically a Greek God. But listen, facts are facts and you may not know some of these, but see for yourself

Career FG% - Stockton 51.5% / Giannis 52.5%

Career 3PM - Stockton 0.6 / Giannis 0.6

Career eFG%: Stockton 54.6% / Giannis 54.6%

Career STL: Stockton 2.2 / Giannis 1.2

Career TOV: Stockton: 2.8 / Giannis 2.8

Career Drtg: Stockton: 104 / Giannis 103

Career FTAr: Stockton: 42.4% / Giannis 47.8%

Career DBPM: Stockton 1.9 / Giannis 1.8

Career Playoff FG%: Stockton 47.3% / Giannis 50.2%

Career Playoff 3P%: Stockton 32.6% / Giannis 32.5%

The list goes on and on. Where Giannis has the advantage in rebounds, Stockton has in assists. On the surface you laugh when Stockton says it, and visually they could not be more different, but in terms of production? I dunno I just listed 10 areas where they are eerily similar for their career. I'm fairly certain that Stockton has no idea of these numbers and he made that joke mostly because of how physically different they are, but people need to be putting more respect on Stockton's name. Not many players can say they align in 10 career categories with Giannis, I mean shit I had no idea until I looked into it for the sake of this blog.

So while everyone got a good laugh, and it sort of breaks your brain a little bit to think about, I don't think it's that crazy of a comparison. The next question is, will Giannis spend his whole career in MIL and never win a title? If that happens, well this comparison gets even stronger.