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The Mom Of Bulls Player Luke Kornet Made All Of Twitter Think She Was The Screaming Pacers Fan And Had To Make A Statement Clarifying She Was Joking

So this tweet started to go viral during Episode 9 of the Last Dance. Luke Kornet's - former Knicks legend and current Chicago Bull - mom threw it out there and had all of Twitter convinced this was her screaming at the Bulls. Honestly, it wouldn't be that surprising. She has a kid who is playing in the NBA so you could convince me this was Luke Kornet. 

It got so outrageous though that she actually had to put out a statement to The Athletic clarifying it wasn't her!

This is peak Twitter. She was convincing that it was her 

Is anyone really doubting that could be her? We've seen crazier things. This has become the biggest twist and turn within The Last Dance no doubt about it. I need to know who the real Pacers fan is though. I sneaky love her. By sneaky I mean I do love her. Basketball junkie. The f-bombs. The complete 90s look. I can argue with her about how much Reggie Miller sucks and how I hate the Pacers.