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Steve Kerr's Speech After the 1997 NBA Finals Was a Master Class in Stand-Up Comedy

After Steve Kerr knocked down the series winner to nail down the Bulls' fifth championship in seven years, he got up in front of a couple hundred thousand people or so and delivered a routine better than most stand-up comedians could do right now. Just outstanding stuff. As long as Michael Jordan laughs, you're in the clear — although, it probably would have been more entertaining if he didn't.

Also, the 10 minutes or so on the tragedy with Kerr's father and the bond that created between him and Jordan was probably my favorite part of this whole series. I vaguely remember hearing something about that story, but I definitely did not recall all the details. What an unbelievable career — on the court and as a coach — Kerr made for himself after something so awful happening to him at such a young age.

But that speech was A+ stuff. I suppose when you hit a game-winner to seal an NBA championship, you get to say whatever you want during the parade. That seems fair.