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Never Forget That Arizona State Fans Mocked Steve Kerr's Dad, So He Went 6-For-6 From 3 And Beat Them By 28 Before They Apologized

That Steve Kerr segment on Episode 9 of The Last Dance was the best storytelling so far. The way they set up Kerr's childhood to who his parents were and how he was raised to his rise in the NBA, etc was just so well done. It also told a story that a lot of people didn't know. That's of course the story of his dad being the President at the American University of Beirut. That's where Malcolm Kerr was murdered by two terrorists pretending to be students. 

This happened when Steve was already at Arizona playing ball. In a pretty ridiculous stat - Steve Kerr shot 57% from three his senior year. 57 percent! That's ridiculous. But back to a story that most people probably don't know based on Twitter and the reaction to Kerr's story is the Arizona State story. 


[LA Times] - Shouts of “PLO, PLO . . . " and “Your father’s history,” and “Why don’t you join the Marines and go back to Beirut?” by a small group of students caused Kerr to sit down for a few minutes to regain his composure.

The taunting took place about a half-hour before game time, with only about 1,000 of the eventual crowd of 12,784 at Arizona State’s University Activity Center. 

Kerr, a fifth-year senior, made all six of his shots from three-point range and finished with 22 points as he led his No. 3-ranked Wildcats to a 101-73 victory.

Kerr said: “It happened long enough before the game that I was able to regain my composure. There’s no question they made me play my best. There’s no question it got my whole team fired up.”

Steve Kerr was stone cold man. Obviously you have a rival fan base crossing a line to say it mildly. I think it's pretty clear I'm all for shit talking, I encourage it. But you can't come close to saying things like this. But that's what makes Kerr even better. Just taking that and using it to fire him up. Dropping a solid 22 points, 28 point victory, ho hum. Then had Arizona State writing letters to apologize to him. 

Fast forward and he drops an all-time championship speech

The entire Steve Kerr story is fascinating and I'm glad they actually spent time telling it tonight.