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Mike Trout Says Max Scherzer Is The Best Pitcher He's Ever Faced


This is the sort of shit that makes me miss baseball the most. The marquee matchups. When it's the best players in the sport going head to head for dominance. Playing mental warfare with each other. Trout up there thinking "he thinks I think he's going to throw a slider, but if he thinks I think he's going to throw a slider, he's probably going to throw heat, but if he think I think that he thinks that I think that, he'll probably go offspeed". The leveling wars fascinate me. And when a pitcher is just in the zone, like Max always seems to be, it's as good as baseball can get.

I also just miss sitting outside in the sun, watching the innings go by, drinking 25 ounce beers, not a care in the world. That's the happy times. That's what baseball is the best for. It doesn't matter who is playing or if you have a rooting interest in the game you can sit outside in the summer and have a pleasant 3 hours of beer, hot dogs, and peanuts. I'm a pistachio guy personally but I'll throw back a few 'nuts as well. 

Big sighhhhhh. Maybe one day we'll be back at Nats park watching Max deal heat again. Maybe one day.