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The Flu Game Was Really The Poison Pizza Game?

So after ALLLLL these years MJ wants us to believe that every restaurant in Utah was closed, ONE pizza joint was still open, and that pizza joint knew exactly who the pizza was for to the point where they intentionally poisoned it, and they sent five of their top men to deliver said poison pizza to Michael Jordan to make sure he got the package? This is a better movie plot than Space Jam, and I fucking love Space Jam. It's essentially a far more believable version of Celtic Pride and it's not even that believable. 

This is the biggest question for me. Anyone could have ordered that pie, they were willing to risk poisoning anyone? Or pizza in Utah is as bad as we all think to the point where you're getting food poisoning no matter how iron your stomach may be. Impossible to know for sure, all I do know is that MJ for sure put pizza permanently on the list forever.