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Michael Jordan Saying People Will Think He's A Horrible Guy After 'The Last Dance' Was The Biggest Lie In The History Of Mankind

Remember this quote before The Last Dance started? It had everyone on edge because what the hell could be in this documentary that would have people out here thinking MJ was some horrible guy? 


Well, the answer was nothing. There was nothing new about Jordan and him being an asshole in the documentary. For as much as I loved the doc, that was the letdown. I wanted to know something new. I wanted to hear more stories about him calling Scott Burrell a ho or roasting Jerry Krause. I wanted to hear he got into it with Scottie Pippen or something. 

Not only that but we all fell in love with Jordan even more hearing that. We all (everyone on Twitter of course) got our jokes off because it was hilarious. It's my biggest knock on the documentary. I know there's not a whole lot of 'new' stuff that we could learn but there was supposed to be so much behind the scenes hype. It felt like we didn't get as much as that - and I get it with MJ having creative control and everything. But it just left me wanting more. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and it was so much fun, but it just left me wanting more. 

Look at the countless blogs we have. Shit, take away the ones from the Chicago ones, no one is calling Jordan some horrendous guy. He's an asshole, we all knew that. He fought with his teammates, we all knew that. He did anything to win, we all knew that. He ruined my (and every other Knicks fan) childhood, I knew that. 

It was the biggest lie in the history of mankind. Not one person has said anything about changing how they viewed Jordan. Not one person is calling him a horrendous person now. He's Michael Jordan - the most competitive person to ever play the game of basketball. He's the guy who changed the game for the era we have today.