For The First Time In My Life I'm Man Enough To Admit Coach Cal Absolutely Failed And Let Me Down

On Saturday I saw the single greatest tweet on Twitter. Bob Huggins calling on Andy Kennedy, Frank Martin and Coach Cal to build a dream team to take on Roger Goodell for not responding to Dave. It's a real thing that happened. 


I can't think of a better crew to take on Goodell. You have the scariest coach in America in Frank Martin. You have Bob Huggins who isn't scared of anything. You have Andy Kennedy, a guy that every crew needs. And of course you have the leader and guy to really put pressure on Goodell in Coach Cal. What we got was an amazing string of tweets warning Goodell that this A-Team was coming. 


That Dream Team picture is laugh out loud funny. Why is Big Cat Drexler? I love that Huggins just called himself the coach there. Just a laugh out loud picture. 

But this is about my feelings. There was one massive flaw in this entire weekend. Coach Cal didn't tweet anything about it. He completely let me down. It's the only time he's actually let me down. This wasn't closing the Wisconsin loss with the Harrison twins (Devin Booker was not NBA Devin Booker and actually not great in that game). This wasn't Derek Willis getting sucked down in a wrong rotation against Luke Maye. 

Now he didn't tweet all weekend. So maybe he was busy being a family man or scouting for next year. But I just feel let down. Do you know how quick Rog would respond if Coach Cal shot a gif out warning him that they are #notgoinganywhererog? 

I like to think he's planning something bigger. I refuse to believe he won't join this team since Huggy Bear called them #officialstoolies.