Soccer Team Celebrates For So Long That Play Resumes And They Let Up An Empty Net Goal






Hey you can laugh at these guys all you want, but you need to remember something. You need to remember that goals in soccer are extremely rare. They only happen like once or twice a year (source: stereotypes). So a soccer goal is basically akin to how often I have sex, if I’m lucky. You don’t think I dance around the room, kick my legs and do back flips every time I get laid? Well then you’ve got another thing coming, bud. To put it in more relatable terms, a soccer goal is as rare as a Raiders win.





So if you laugh at these poor guys then you also think both my sex life and the Oakland Raiders are laughable and pathetic. Wait, I think I made the opposite point I was trying to.




PS – Say what you will about soccer guys but there cellys are fire. You’ve gotta give them that, always on point. Some of those dance moves out there were heat.