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A Prime Example Of Why You Should Never Jump Off A Bridge

Look, I understand the allure of jumping off of an elevated surface into a body of water. I've done it plenty of times. We all have. There's something about plunging into the unknown at a high rate of speed that makes you feel alive. Especially during the summer when it's hot outside. Having said that, there are simply too many risk factors to do it safely. One second the coast is clear, and the next a thirty five foot fishing boat appears out of nowhere and nearly decapitates you in front of all your friends. Look at how close his head came to the bow...

A half a second later and he would've gotten knocked out, pulled under water, and chopped up by the propellor. Wild. I'm assuming these kids are like fifteen years old so they didn't know any better, but still, let this serve as a reminder to be safe this summer and not jump off of any bridges. It sounds dumb but it has to be said. You never know what could happen.