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The Undertaker Reportedly Signed A 15-YEAR DEAL With The WWE In 2019

Fightful- The Undertaker hasn't had his last ride in WWE just yet.

According to a note in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Undertaker signed a 15-year deal with WWE in 2019. This means the Undertaker would have at least a 44-year tenure as an employee of WWE, starting back at the Survivor Series in 1990.

Hey, uh, yes - hi, Robbie Fox, Barstool Sports, in the back - quick question: WHAT THE FUCK?

Huh? S'cuse me? Vince McMahon signed The Undertaker...who kinda retired in a fifteen-year deal with the 2019? I mean - I get it. Kinda. 

Through Vince McMahon's insane, piercing, and most importantly: petty eyes....

....I get it. 

It's just a little stunning to hear anyone sign a 15-year deal on anything, let alone a semi-retired professional wrestler with a wrestling company! Mothafucka is gonna be 70 real years old when it's time to renegotiate that bad boy!


Here's where this all stems from tho - last year, when The Undertaker's WWE contract expired, he was booked to appear at Starrcast (an AEW affiliated wrestling convention) and trademarks were filed for a rumored podcast/live-show involving Taker....

It wasn't soon after that was announced that it was recalled, when the WWE quickly resigned Taker and pulled him from the event. 

Everyone pretty much figured at the time that when Vince caught wind of this, he just gave The Deadman the bag to never do anything outside of the WWE ever again, but I don't think anybody realized just how big and literal that bag was! 

Big Evil almost got a year for every Streak win to literally not wrestle anymore!


After watching both episodes of 'The Last Ride' (the WWE Network documentary series focusing on the end of Taker's career) though, this doesn't surprise me as much as it did when I first saw it. 

The Undertaker's son is named Gunner Vincent after McMahon, and Vince couldn't even be asked the question, "What does The Undertaker mean to you personally?" without breaking down into tears….

Still kinda crazy tho!

We may be seein those cinematic-style Undertaker matches til the end of time…and if that's the plan, for the first time in a while, I wouldn't hate seeing The Undertaker once a year!

Could you imagine the bag those Call Her Daddy dopes would've gotten had they just played ball for a bit?!