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Rory Reminding Matthew Wolff That He's Made 25 Million Dollars On FedEx Cup Bonuses Alone Is Fantastic

Boom roasted, Matthew Wolff. Rory McIlroy just crushed Matthew Wolff with his putter and his wallet. Not only is Rory a better golfer than you but he's also made 25 million dollars on FedEx cup bonuses alone. Welcome to roast town youngster. We obviously know Rory is filthy rich from golf but it's pretty hilarious for him to flat out say, "It's crazy how filthy rich I am from golf".I love it because I love Rory. This event really is an opportunity for #1 golfer in the world Rory to not only shove it down everyone's throat from a golf perspective but to also showcase how much better his personality is than everyone else's. So far so good.