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Sort Of Wake Up But Stay In Bed Still With 'Milk & Cereal' By G. Love & The Special Sauce

If you're my age you probably stumbled upon Milk & Cereal from one of the first viral videos ever (at least that I can recall). This is another one I remember watching in my freshman year dorm room over & over when my friends. Why did we think it was so brilliant at the time? No clue, but it was on heavy rotation.

From KnowYourMeme:

First published on [the now defunct] in fall of 2003, "Milk and Cereal" features two Virginia Tech students named Matt Feidler and Dan Loveless lip synching to the song "Milk and Cereal" by the band G. Love & Special Sauce. Both students use spoons in place of microphones and use a box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and a gallon jug of milk as props.

It blew up from there and has nearly 2M views now. As comes with that territory tons of other people started posting their own versions of it, too.

For the most wholesome one here's the lead singer of G. Love (Garrett Dutton) and his son responding to the trend with their own attempt:


Here's another G. Love song just because. This song played on my favorite station (Y-100, RIP) in the Philly area no less than 10,000 times the summer it came out… A perfect tune to add to your summer playlist:

PS. Very proud of myself for getting a 'wake up with' blog in right at 11:59. Still morning. Go getter. Grind. Good for me.