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There's No Chance Texas Will Ever Be Back After This And That's A Guaranteed Fact

What....what in the actual frick was that?

Horns are confirmed 100% down after that. And they'll stay down forever. There's no coming back as a program after this. I mean Texas was already on thin ice as it was. But this? This is borderline criminal. 

You're in Austin. The BBQ mecca of the world. You've got Franklin's. You've got la Barbecue. You've got Kerlin's, Terry Black's, Leroy & Lewis. You've got so many elite barbecue spots right down the street from your university and this is the shit you put out for National BBQ Day? Some dry ass cornbread, Easy Mac, Vlasic pickles, and some turkey and pork that look like you put them in the crock pot for 90 minutes? Makes me sick to my stomach, and that's even before we get to the sauce stencil. At the very least you could have put it out on some butcher paper. Good god, Texas. Have some respect for your own culture. 

Either way, Happy National BBQ Month to you and yours. Hope you all had yourselves a case of the meat sweats today.