Listen To This UFC Fighter Literally Wailing In Pain Courtesy Of An Armbar During Another Quiet Empty-Arena Show

Whether you like it or not, all of these fights taking place in this empty arena this past week have really highlighted the brutality of this sport. Personally, I love it.

We're hearing each and every strike land with more crispness than ever before - aside from The Ultimate Fighter, yes, I know that, MMA hardos, this is completely different - we're hearing shit talk, and when fighters get knocked unconscious, there's little to distract us from the viciousness of it. There's no roar from the crowd, no blasting music - just the sound of the medical team rushing into the octagon while the commentators try to keep their cool. 

I mean - listen at this...


....shit sounds like the aftermath of most WorldStar videos! Just a lot of people stunned at what they just witnessed.

Tonight, we got another one of those moments that served as a good reminder of why I stay the fuck away from the cage, when Cortney Casey armbarred Mara Romero Borella and made her literally scream as her arm got torqued backwards. I'd assume she broke the bone, considering the shit went the complete opposite way it was designed to go, and at the elbow nonetheless. 

Yeah - no thanks. I'd still to writing about this shit.