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Tomorrow Night Michael Jordan Faces The Toughest Opponent of His Life. Taylor Swift.

Yeah, you know my flava

Rip this whole jam apart
Fuck around and have your heart
Like Jordan had Starks
A Tribe Called Quest

Laimbeer, Rodman, & Isaiah's Pistons.

Jackson, Smits, and Miller's Pacers.

Starks, Oakley, & Ewing's, Knicks. 

Joe Exotic.

Jordan and co. vanquished them all. Usually in 4 or 5 games.

He's been back on a roll since the premiere of his docuseries The Last Dance.

Observor - The Last Dance has been the most in-demand documentary series in the US since April 24th, surpassing Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. It has also been the most in-demand documentary series globally since April 23rd, when it knocked off Cosmos: Possible Worlds. And it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. 

An average of 5.8 million viewers tuned in for each of the first six episodes (the ratings for the two most recent episodes haven't been released yet), making "The Last Dance" ESPN's most-viewed documentary series, according to the network. The 10-part series has become a hit among sports fans and newcomers alike.

Parrot Analytics has also found the show was the fastest-growing TV series in the US and global top 200 during the week of April 19th-25th. Demand for The Last Dance grew 1,227 percent in the US and 2,299 percent globally compared to the previous week. Just as Michael Jordan was a worldwide phenomenon during his playing days, he remains an international influence today.

During the week of April 19th-25th the series had 37.2 times more demand than the average TV series in the US, and 30 times more demand than the average series globally.

To put that into context for you, take a look at this amazing chart from The Observer

That's bananas. Even for a guy who doesn't lose like MJ. 

The man is definitely on a tear again, dominating the airwaves, social media, and the internet these last 4 weeks. This site has even had a couple of blogs on the series.

But with the documentary wrapping up tomorrow night, Jordan might be in for the toughest competition he's ever faced.

And it comes in the form of a 30-year-old, 5 foot 10, blonde HIT MACHINE from Reading, PA.

Billboard - ABC announced it will air the brand-new one-hour concert special Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert on May 17 at 10 p.m. following the season finale of American Idol.

The special, which will be available the next day on-demand on Hulu and Disney+ was filmed in September at the L’Olympia Theater in Paris. Fans will see Swift performing songs from her Lover album in front of an intimate crowd of Swifties from 37 countries who traveled to the City of Love for the unique live experience. "The musical event gives fans unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes moments with the artist and marks her only concert performance this year, after her Lover Fest tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic," reads a statement announcing the TV event.

"We can’t wait to take viewers on a musical journey from the City of Love. While we are all home, Taylor Swift and her family of fans will be able to have a moment together and experience a never-before-seen, intimate performance, and we are so thrilled to be able to offer this to our own family of viewers on ABC," said Eric Avram, vice president, Talent and Booking at ABC Entertainment.

When I first saw this announced last week I figured it'd be on at a kid-friendly hour and be a nice lead-in to the Jordan finale. Both Disney network presentations too. But nope. 10 Eastern. Taylor's going head-to-head with MJ. I love it. 

You gotta think that even with as incredible as The Last Dance has been, Taylor Swift in concert will probably put a big dent in its ratings no? DVR's will be humming tomorrow night. But what's going to be the go-to in non-bachelor pads? You gotta think family households will be split. Kids lucky enough to stay up late will definitely be tuned into T-Swift. Wives and daughters most likely too. Fathers and sons, Last Dance. For people stuck in apartments with one TV, say a studio in NYC, guys with their girl how's that one going to play out? 

The MJ vs. Lebron or vs. anybody debate starts and ends with the fact he's never lost. 6 and 0 when it matters. (Even though TB12's won 6, he's also sadly been beaten in 1 (Philly) and robbed of 2 (Eli)). Jordan's trampled everybody post-career as well. For a guy who played when salaries weren't that outrageous he's built an empire now worth north of 2 billion. There hasn't been an athlete in 20 years that's put out a shoe even close to as fashionably appealing or financially successful as his. And this documentary is about to go down as one of the most-viewed things in the history of man. 

But on the flip-side Taylor Swift isn't too shabby herself. 

Though she might not display the same win-at-all-costs tenacity, she hasn't been one to now defeat either.

Take her one and only "stumble" she's suffered since she burst on the scene in 2006, with "Tim McGraw" (banger) - the Kanye & Kim fiasco. Her critics were finally given a reason to point and say "see?". Her fair-weather fans like John Feitelberg turned their backs on her. Even some of her die-hard's abandoned her over that bullshit. But Taylor took the highroad the entire time. Granted she put out an extremely mediocre album, Reputation, as an "answer" to all the fabricated Kardashian drama, but she never stooped to their level. And in the end, the truth prevailed. 

Kanye and his demon wife were exposed for the pieces of shit they are and the world apologized to Ms. Swift for ever doubting her.

So the point is, even when it looked (once) like Taylor lost, she ended up triumphant. So besides Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, and "Look What You Made Me Do", her record is also unblemished. 

Do I honestly think Taylor Swift has a shot to dethrone MJ and The Last Dance tomorrow night? Clown question bro. 

(Especially when we'll be getting this)

So no, Taylor cannot realistically dethrone Mike's documentary with a televised concert for her 4th best album, Lover. But if we were talking the Red album (#1), Taylor Swift album (#2), or 1989 album (#3) days then this might be a different conversation. 

Nonetheless, we're in for a great television night tomorrow evening. 

The finale for ESPN's breakout docuseries, The Last Dance, airs on Sunday, May 17 from 9 to 11 p.m. EST. The series chronicles basketball champion Michael Jordan 1997 -98 season with the Chicago Bulls

Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert, airs SUNDAY, MAY 17 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), immediately following the season finale of "American Idol.

To prepare, here's the soundtrack for The Last Dance

and a 3-hour mix of Taylor Swift masterfully mixed.

p.s. - who loves ya?