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MLB Needs to Take a Look at Bryce Harper's Plan for a 2020 Season

While most players are fighting the MLB owners' proposal of a revenue share, at least one has been busy coming up with a radically different plan for an altered 2020 season. Bryce Harper's proposed plan includes about 50 more games in the regular season and a Postseason unlike anything we've seen in Major League Baseball before.

It seems like a pretty wild plan, but starting the season in July and adding teams to the playoffs in the way it has been proposed already is a wild plan, so who is anyone to dismiss Harper's suggestions?

Honestly, at this point I want whatever gives us the most baseball and a College World Series-like Postseason may be fun for one year. The only potential problem I see in that is the likely attempt to discredit whoever wins this season's World Series in what many would see as a fluky Postseason. But is the playoff structure Harper describes actually any worse than adding two teams per league and taking away Wild Card round byes from two division winners?


Mostly, I just want MLB to look at how to make a 135-game season happen. That is not only better for the fans, but it creates a much better sample size to craft the Postseason field and creates more revenue for the league and players, which solves part of the problems being discussed right now. More baseball is better for everybody involved.

I just want baseball. Somebody figure out a way to make it happen.