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Pre-Game UFC With Hank/Spider/I In Our Quest For WARZONE Dubs

Believe it or not, the UFC is once again BACK tonight for another empty-arena event in Jacksonville, and we've gotcha covered over on Twitch immediately after the Coach Duggs game if you're looking for a pre-show! 

It'll be Henry "Honk" Honkerson, Spider "El Spidré" Spiderson, and myself, looking to lay down a WARZONE dub while breaking down the card and answering your questions in the chat. If you're looking for my picks before I tweet them out at 6pm, I'll be talking about them there! 

I should say, though, my record the past week has not been great. I'm sitting at 10-11. I'm not a gambling man, but from what I understand, that's not even bad enough to fade, which would probably be more ideal. It's just right in the middle. Whatever. Never claimed to be a great picks guy. I just make jokes about this shit. Listen to this scrawny lookin wimp's advice at your own risk.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, please enjoy this clip of a possibly intoxicated Glenny Balls singing 'Anthony's Song' and it somehow being his downfall in Warzone the other night...

I fucking love Glenny Balls. Guy is the best.