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Without Fan Noise We Got To Hear A Schalke Player Tell Dortmund's Erling Haaland To 'Go Fuck Your Grandmother' Right Before He Scored

This is the one benefit of not having fans in stadiums. We get to hear everything that's said because it's nearly impossible to block it all out. I want to hear all the shit talking. More importantly I need to know when it's a moment like this so you can instantly live bet that something is going to happen. In this case it was Haaland scoring minutes later, because Haaland always scores. 

I'll be honest, I had no idea that's what was said but I'll take everyone on Twitter's word for It. I have no idea what that sound is either, but it's on every video out there. 

Big day for us that adopted Dortmund led by Clem. First we had news that Baby Captain America was making his first start 

Not a surprise that we all throw our support behind Dortmund and Reyna makes his first start. Not only that but he's making it with the game on TV and nothing else to watch. It was a match made in heaven. Until, you know, Dortmund realized that we had too many Knicks fans cheering for them and of course Reyna was scratched to injury 

Rivalry game with an injury right before the match starts? Not a problem. Haaland got the first goal of the game in the first game on TV. It was beautiful. 4-0 like nothing. Hell, even got a celly in front of the Yellow Wall even without any fans: 


But this just goes back to needing more and more shit talking being public. It happens in every single game at any level and it's honestly part of the game we need to hear more of. We need to know who is saying what to who, who is pissed at who and everything else. This is the only benefit of not having any fans in the stadium. It's weird for sure, but if it gives us a mic'd up event I'm interested.