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So Does Brandon Walker Not Know How To Change A Flat Tire??

Brandon Walker's PSA before we get into it (paraphrased by yours truly): I can change a tire. But all I had is a donut and the tire store was .4 miles away. Why the fuck would I put a donut on to go .4 miles?

You just can't make this shit up.

Brandon and I were on our way to Ronkonkoma to film some content with Marty and Dana and we made had to make an emergency stop in Queens because the car sounded like we were about to take flight. The front passenger side tire was not just a kinda-flat, it was like a dead, dead-tire flat. We were straight rollin' on the rim. Cue the AAA call. Now, my very first question in this moment was "aren't you from Mississippi? Can't you change just change tire? Every man in the south knows how to change a tire" but he didn't have a spare. So we limped to a body shop and I sat in the parking lot drinking High Noon (that I packed of course) while Brandon fumed in the corner. Incredible visual. 

What a world. 

PS - stay tuned for the video of Marty and Brandon trying to throw a football 50 yards. Spoiler: it's not great. 

PPS - Marty and Brandon both have weird haircuts right now... so...