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5 Witnesses Are Saying Quinton Dunbar Had Nothing To Do With The Armed Robbery!

As you probably know, Quinton Dunbar and Giants CB Deandre Baker were arrested this week for robbing people at gunpoint at a party in Florida. Entire thing is wild, considering they are millionaires and they are public figures stealing watches and cash from people. 

But now...oh boy, now is when the real fun begins!


Miami Herald - The defense lawyer for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar says five witnesses have signed sworn affidavits that exonerate the football player of any involvement in a supposed armed robbery that took place in Miramar.

According to an arrest warrant, Baker instructed at least two people to take the valuables, which included pricey luxury watches. Police said Dunbar was seen helping him, although witnesses conflicted on whether he was armed.

Dunbar’s defense lawyer, Michael Grieco, said on Friday that the five witnesses attested that Dunbar was in no way involved. He said he presented the affidavits to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, but prosecutors are still requiring Dunbar turn himself in to be jailed.

“All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said.


5 witnesses are saying Dunbar is innocent! I love it. Put allll the blame on Baker. This is like an SVU/CSI who dunnit episode mixed with Better Call Saul. I'm imagining lawyers getting guys to flip, offering them money under the table, the whole 9 yards (heh, football pun, love it). And now Baker is looking at those witnesses like "what the fuck man!". Uhhh sorry dude, you took their watches.

Now we enter a fun he said, she said game. Dunbar went from armed robbery to innocent bystander in a day. What a swing for him! A real shame about Baker though. A real shame. #Pray4Clem