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5 Year Old Criminal Who Stole His Parents Car To Go Buy a Lamborghini Keeps Getting Rewarded - Now Meets Jamie Foxx, Shaq, and Lil Pump

Did I do childhood wrong? Should I have been committing heinous crimes out in the mean streets of Central New Jersey instead of playing little league baseball and Halo 3 with my friends all night? Was the move to rob girl scout troops who were waiting outside Wegmans trying to sell cookies? Would that have shown the world that I was inspiring because I wanted more money and to be successful? Based off this 5 year old's story I would have been deemed a childhood prodigy if I followed his path. 

Don't kid yourself, this 5 year old kid is a criminal. He commandeered his parents car to go buy a lambo with 3 dollars to his name and now is being heralded like he saved the world from a super villain. After getting his wish to cruise around in a lambo he now got to meet Jamie Foxx, Shaq, and Lil Pump. Yeah just meet every celeb. To be fair, I actually don't know anything about Lil Pump but I'll pretend I do to sound cool assuming that's a big rapper in today's game. 

The first dude who let the little man joy ride in his lambo said this about him...

“I’m absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success ― knowing what he wants, going after it"

What principles? Robbery? Endangering everyone on the highway? Next he's going to rob a bank and get the key to the city. I'm baffled by this story. Life is bullshit. 

Did I write this whole story out of pure jealousy? You're goddamn right.