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A Brilliant Mashup of Sci-Fi and Horror Movies Explaining Covid-19 Takes Us Into the Weekend

Back in the early days of quaratine, when it was all still so fresh and new, I posted a video that told the whole story of the epidemic in pop culture references. That one was a masterpiece, especially since it was so early into our Quarantine Life. 

This one has a narrower focus, drawing strictly fron Sci-Fi and horror movies, yet somehow expands it to include everything from lockdown to masks to opening the beaches and injecting bleach and everything in between. And I'm sort of embarrassed that I've seen virtually every movie included. They Live. Alien. The Thing. Shaun of the Dead. The Mist.  Plus the musical track is perfection. If the 'Rona should claim me, this could be used to describe how I've lived my misspent time on this lonely blue marble. And both this one and the earlier one should be preserved on a thumb drive and put into a time capsule to show the survivors how we lived in these times. 

Have a great weekend. Stay sane.